Wowza 2020

WOW!!!!!! Life has been an absolute blur since my last blog post. I don’t even know where to begin or what to really dive into.

Good news first I guess- We are living in our fifth wheel full time now!!

Not so good news next- We experienced our first hurricane while we were still living in Pensacola. Thank you crazy 2020 for making sure we experienced a hurricane before leaving (insert eye roll here).

Before this, during all of the years we lived in Pensacola, we had only experienced tropical storms. Hurricane Sally hit Pensacola hard and even though she was only a category 2, there was still plenty of destruction and devastation. We were very lucky and did not experience any serious damage. Our fifth wheel had been delivered just a few days before the hurricane hit, so we consider ourselves very lucky that it did not get damaged at all. So many people in the community experienced awful devastation to their homes and belongings, and our heart still hurts for them.

Because of Hurricane Sally, our last week in Pensacola did not go as we had imagined. We didn’t have power returned to the house before we left, so it made emptying the house, attempting to clean it, and moving into the fifth wheel an interesting challenge. Somehow, we were able to pull it off though. My mother in law was extremely helpful with our two kids during those few days. I don’t know if we would have been able to do it without her- so thanks again Jackie!!

Before the hurricane, we had imagined saying goodbye to Pensacola in a much better way… having dinner with friends, playing at the beach, visiting our secret bayou spots, seeing friends for the last time in a while…but we didn’t get to do those things. Once the hurricane hit, we had to shift our priorities. We are planning on returning to the area in 2021, so we will just have to make up for it all then I guess!

So fast forward to now, we are living full time in our fifth wheel in South Eastern PA. Matt and I both grew up here, so we are visiting friends and family and enjoying autumn. Matt is also working at a family business while we’re here which is great! We think we will stay here for a couple of months and then continue traveling.

Our first experience traveling full time felt very busy and overwhelming! So it feels good to be staying put somewhere for a little bit while we get used to tiny life. I will do a more detailed blog post of our first travel experiences soon!