Kindergarten Roadschool

Do you know what it’s called when you homeschool while living on the road??

I have to begin this post by saying I feel SO thankful that we already made the decision to homeschool for kindergarten before this whole Covid, 2020-2021 school year mess began. Since we knew we were going to be transitioning to full time RV life sometime during Dexter’s kindergarten year, we knew it was the right choice for us to just begin the year by homeschooling. We didn’t like the idea of Dexter beginning kindergarten in a traditional school, and then having to remove him part way through the year.

I also feel compelled to say that I do not judge any parent regarding their decisions for the upcoming school year. Every family is SO different, and has different needs. I firmly believe that every parent knows and will make the right decision for their children.

I am a big nerd when it comes to researching and planning. I also used to be an elementary school teacher, so this is all right up my alley. So of course I had to dive into all of the different types of homeschooling to try to find the right one for our family.

Originally we loved the idea of unschooling. Unschooling is basically where you don’t follow any specific curriculum and your child just learns through living. You follow their lead. Follow their passions and interests. We ultimately decided though that we would need a little bit more structure than this.

We also knew that we needed a secular curriculum, that wasn’t based online or on an app. While we are not against educational apps, or programs, the idea of shoving a tablet in our 5 year olds face for hours a day for school, just didn’t appeal to us.

So as our list of needs continued to grow, I started to feel overwhelmed that I wouldn’t find the right fit for us.


I finally found the perfect curriculum for us! (I honestly think I found it through a facebook homeschoolers group) This curriculum is nature based, secular, allows children to be creative, and encourages them to play and use their imaginations. Blossom and Root checks all of the boxes for us, and we honestly cannot wait to get started with kindergarten now. We will be doing nature studies, literature, STEM activities, composer and artist studies, math, science, and art projects. The creator of Blossom and Root is a mother who is also a former teacher. She believes that play is the work of childhood, and that children should not be forced to sit for hours upon hours doing copy work, or starting at a computer screen. Our views and the way we live our lives aligns with this program so well.

If you too have been searching for a similar program, they are currently running a 30% off sale!

We are also using Wild Math to supplement our math instruction this year. Wild Math helps to build numeracy skills through multi-sensory activities and math play. You are encouraged to do the activities and learning outside! If you know us, that is perfect…my children would literally live outside if I would let them. Wild Math is also currently running a sale of 15% off.

I am also working on a year long plan of additional books and lessons that we will include. I cannot wait to share my ideas with you! We will be reading and studying authors of all different colors, religions, places of origin, gender, sexual orientation, and so on! I am still in the beginning stages of this plan, but I just know it’s going to be amazing.

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