Bubble boys

Anyone else totally drawing a blank for new activities for your kids lately? After months and months of self isolating because of Covid, I feel like I have used every idea, game, activity, and craft with my kids. More than once.

We’ve resorted to way more TV time than normal, and it is taking a toll on us all. PLUS with the temperature being in the 90’s every single day (and please don’t even talk to me about the humidity) if we play outside during the day, we try to involve water play so the kids don’t get too hot.

So one evening, my awesome husband came up with this great outdoor activity. It keeps our kids entertained for at least an entire HOUR. You only need a few things to throw it together.


kiddie pool
bubble bath
air compressor
some bowls or cups for play

All you do is fill up the kiddie pool with water, a generous pour of bubble bath, and then use the air compressor to create a massive amount of bubbles!

Our kids seriously go nuts for this activity!

Please use caution with your children and an air compressor.

Please let me know if you try this out!

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