Camper renovation

My husband and I totally renovated a camper, and it was such an amazing experience. We seriously put our blood, sweat, and tears into it. We spent months and months on this thing (more months than we meant to) and I am so proud of the end result. We originally purchased this camper (a 2006 Keystone Zeppelin), with the intentions of renovating the whole thing and creating a more functional space for our family to do some longer term camping in it. As the renovation went on, we realized that this camper would not be big enough to fit our needs as a family, and we decided that we would have to sell it. I was sad that we wouldn’t get to test out our newly renovated camper, but it was such a fun experience. We learned SO MUCH, and we actually can’t wait to do this again.

We thought we knew what we were doing when we bought this thing, but wowzers, we did not. The guy who sold it to us, seemed super nice and forthcoming. He even gave us a cover, and a bunch of other random camper things for free. We excitedly walked around the exterior, and interior. We thought we checked out everything we needed to, and felt confident that we were getting a great deal! Woo-hoo!


After a more thorough examination when we got home…we found out that there had been a LEAK!! The leak was in the slide out (we now know that this is very common, and that we should have checked before purchasing) and we felt like we had been lied to. There was rotten wood that had to be taken care of before we could do anything else. So my super handy, and awesome husband figured it all out (after hours of obsessive research) and was able to fix it.


Of course we ran into more hiccups- this camper is 14 years old! But we watched videos, read blogs, and worked hard. After about 6 months of work, we sold the Keystone Zeppelin in just a matter of days.

We transformed the front of the camper into a much more spacious room. We dreamed it would be a great place for our kids to play and spread out.

My favorite part of our renovation was the bathroom. I sadly dont have a before photo, but it was bad. It was yellow and made you feel like that little green/vomiting emoji face. The after is definetly the heart eyes emoji.

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