But wait, there’s more!

There’s something so sweet and innocent about watching a baby learn to eat. Their fat little faces covered in food and excitement. Waylen had his first food right about the time he turned 6 months. Just like his big brother, his first food was avocado. We mostly use baby led weaning (post about this coming soon) which gives the control of the food to the baby. So we have a lot of messes. I mean A LOT.

Thankfully, we have 2 big dogs who don’t mind cleaning up the big pieces of leftovers. They quickly learned with Dexter to hang around the kitchen (more specifically the high chair) when the baby eats.

But there is still some cleanup that has to take place after the dogs have done their part. The high chair is where most of the mess happens. Wiping down the seat and tray is easy enough. But the cloth straps can never really be wiped clean. After handing a baby a sliced avocado and letting them go to town, the straps are down right nasty.

So if you’ve ever found yourself in a similar baby high chair situation, here is my simple solution.

OxiClean! Did you know that the main active ingredient in OxiClean is actually hydrogen peroxide?

Remember the infomercials years ago?

If you’ve seen OxiClean in the store, you know there are so many different products now. I specifically use the one with a green lid that says versatile stain remover, free. On the EWG website they have given this specific product a ‘B’ rating. Not all of their products have a good rating, so check on this website before you buy!

Environmental Working Group

Back to the cleaning of baby messes!

I just remove the straps from the high chair and let them soak in a small amount of OxiClean for about 20 or 30 minutes. Once they have soaked for about 5 or 10 of those minutes, I scrub them and then let them keep soaking. After about 30 minutes I rinse them in hot water and then let them air dry.

I do this about once a week, and the straps look brand new each time.

So Waylen can keep learning about food and make all the messes he wants. Momma has the power of OxiClean!

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